Current Lessons being offered

* Beginner Lessons include: Sight Reading, Tablature, Chords, Beginning  Theory and
  Performance.  Styles: Classical, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues and Country. 
* Intermediate Lessons include: Advanced Sight Reading, Intermediate Songs, Theory,
  Scales and Improvisation (Soloing), and Songwriting Lessons.  (All Styles)
* Advanced Lessons include: Songwriting and Recording, Arpeggios and Speed,
  Advanced Theory and Live Performance (including Open Mic Workshops).

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    Welcome to my studio.   I teach many different styles of guitar including: Rock, Jazz, Country, and Classical.   My lessons emphasize how to read modern notation and tablatures, relevant music theory, songwriting, improvisation and solo and duet performances.   You will also learn how to achieve your full potential by practice discipline.  Understanding that time is precious, the lesson plans offered by Optimum Guitar are quick and to the point.  To make practice as fun as possible, audio files are provided to play along with on CD or the Download page of this website.  (Lessons are taught in a small office-multimedia studio at 901 Sunrise Ave #A10 Roseville, CA.  In between The Sushi House and The Glass Turtle Restaurant/Bar.  Lessons are 30 Minutes once per week.  Hour lessons are also available.)